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  Pre-order Items :
1. All of the pre-ordered PSX3, XB360, PSP games will be shipped out on the release date. If you want to pre-order other items, feel free to fill in the pre-order form.
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Brook GoShoot Combo Grip Dual Launcner for TAKARA TOMY BEYBLADE

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Retro Controller Joystick Gamepad for to Atari 2600 Game System
- US$12

PSX4/XB One Analog stick Aim Assist Assistant Rings for FPS games
- US$5

N64 Optical Style REPLACEMENT Joystick Thumbstick

Brook Mars Wired Controller Mars Wired GamePad for Switch/PSX3/PSX4/PC


MAYFLASH ARCADE STICK Fighting Stick F101 for PC, PS3, Switch
- US$36

Retro Controller for to Sega Saturn

BROOK PS3/PS4 TO DREAMCAST Controller Super Converter


Brook PS4/PS3 to NEO•GEO Super Converter


PS4 VR Eye Game Camera Extension Sync Cable for Playstation 4 2M


Brook Brook Pocket Auto Catch USB Charging Cable


Brook X One Adapter


Brook Universal Fighting Board + Breakout Board + 8 Cables

Coov SH350 Type-C to HDMI Converter Cable for Switch


PSX4 / XB One / XB 360 / Switch XCM Maxrace F-1 Converter V7


Brook Pocket Auto Catch & Collect Catcher for Pokemon Go - no need Pokemon Go Plus
- US$45

Brook GC to SW Controller Adapter

XCM Cross Fire Converter 4


 MAGIC-NS Wireless Controller Adapter for Switch
- US$25


Brook PSX4 , PSX3 Controller Adapter to PSX2
- US$39

Coov PSX4/XB One to Switch Adapter
- US$13

XCM Smart Dock case parts for Switch

Brook Fight Board + Audio for PSX3/PSX4

Brook Pocket Energy Rechargeable Lithium Battery for Pocketmon Go Plus
- US$29.9

Replacement Parts Power Port Input Jack adapter For SNES
- US$7

XCM XFPS SuperNova Converter +

NES Classic Edition Wireless Controller w/ Turbo Fire
- US$14

Brook NinCade PS4, Wii Remote,  Wireless Controller for to Nes Classic Mini / Famicom Mini
- US$29


Euro SCART US$13
Japan RGB-21 US$18

NES Classic Edition Wireless Controller


XCM MaxRace Drift Gear
- US$59

NES Classic Edition Mini Controller
- UD$9

NES Classic Edition Mini Controller w/ Rapid Fire & Extra Long cable
- US$12

ZEROTECH DOBBY Mini Selfie Pocket Drone with 13MP High Definition Camera
- US$390

Brook Sniper Precision Mouse & Keyboard Adapter

Pre-order price US$139.9

PSX4 XCM Rateup shell for D-Shock 4 controller
- US$32

NES Classic Edition Mini Controller Edition Extension Cable 6ft
- US$5

PSV 1000 / 2000 Series Grip Handle Cover Case + L2 R2 Trigger Button

SNES/SFC controller to PC USB (1 port)
- US$9

PSX4 / XB One / XB 360 XCM Maxrace F-1 Converter V6


NES Wireless Adapter Retro Receiver
- US$19.9

PSX4 Maxcolor LED Analog Thumb Stick + Rapid Fire Ver.3


SNES/SFC Wireless Adapter Retro Receiver


PSV 1000 / 2000 Series Cover Case + L2 R2 Trigger

1000Series US$49
2000Series US$39

Cross Hair Converter
- US$115

Brook XB 360 Controller Adapter to P4 Console


SFC SF The Darkness Hunter Unholy Night
- US$59

DC Rush Rush Rally Reload


Neo Geo CD Treasure of The Caribbean

US$39 Released !!!!

Neo Geo AES Treasure of The Caribbean

US$369 Released !!!!
Air Guitar Pro restock with a very low price US$19.
Wholesale , retail & export are welcome!!!




A.I. Group
Room 2-4, 6th Floor, Chong Fat Commercial Building, No.266-268 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
TEL (852) 2387 2840 FAX (852) 23600512

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