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A.I. Trading Co.

HK Video Games Exporter 

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Payment & Terms

Please read the following parts before placing an order or enquiry :

Since we would like to provide the best price for the customers, you need to send your payment in advance by one of following methods :

Bank name : Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Bank swift code : HSBC HKHH HKH
Bank address : 1 Queen's Road Central, Central District, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong.
Account no : 416-022804-838
Account Name :
A.I. Trading Co.
  1. Go to your local bank. Fill in all the details on to the T/T order form.
  2. Please make sure that you have written our account name and account number correctly. The A."I". is the capital letter of "i".
  3. T/T the 'Grand Total' amount and pay for all bank charges. We will not ship out the goods if we have received less money than the amount stated on the 'Grand Total' (usually due to the purchaser who had not pay for the receiver's T/T charges).
  4. Send a email to us telling the payment sender's name.

  • Send International Money Order or bank draft (in Hong Kong dollars or US dollars only) to us by air-mail. (recommend using the registered air-mail)
Name : A.I. Trading Co.
Address : Room 2-4, 6th Floor, Chong Fat Commercial Building, No.266-268 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Phone No.:  (852) 2387 2840
FAX  No : (852) 2360 0512
  1. Contact you local bank to buy a money order or bank draft.
  2. Send the money order and a copy of your ordering details to us (includes your ordering items, name, address, and your phone no.)
  3. Only international money order or bank draft is acceptable.
  4. Moreover, you need to add US$13 for the service charges.

  • VISA / Master Credit Card
  1. Fill in the order form with all the details.
  2. Select the payment method : Credit Card
  3. We will quote you the goods status and the shipping charge via email within 24 hours. Then we will tell you the procedures to proceed.

After we have received the payment, we will send out the goods on the next day. Usually, we will use the EMS speed post (3-5 days for most of the country). Then we will send you a tracking number for keeping track on your parcel. You may request us to use the normal air-mail (1-2 weeks), or UPS, DHL, Fedex or even air-cargo as you like.

All of the prices listed on our web-site are in US dollars and do not include the mailing charges. For the currency exchange, you can check the Universal Currency Converter. Normal air-mail is the cheapest way. EMS is faster and reliable. We suggest you to use the EMS speed post. Since we have sent out thousands of packages by EMS and NONE of them was lost, only few of them were damaged.

However, we will not guarantee any lost in the shipping process, unless you agree to buy the insurance. If you want so, remember to inform us when you place the order.

We will make sure the items are in good condition before sending out. However, if the items do not work properly, we will replace them (but you should pay for the shipping charge when sending back to us). After we have received the defected items, we will send you the new ones (we will pay for the shipping charge). We will NOT provided any refund. We will just replace the same items for you if the items are defected.

Once you have decided that you want to buy from us, please send us a e-mail with the following required information:

  • Your required goods
  • Your mailing address & your country
  • Your telephone no. (not required, but recommended)
  • Preferred method of payment (bank transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram, International Money Order or Credit Card)
  • Your website address (not required, but recommended for resellers)

For any kind of question, please feel free to send us a e-mail at

For your convenience, you can also use our:

Easy Order-Form


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