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Progressive VGA Box


  • Enables display of progressive-scan DVD players, Consoles or Component video HDTV set-top boxes on VGA monitors and projectors
  • Automatic format selection for 480p, 720p, 1080i/540p
  • Can be displayed on two VGA monitors simultaneously
  • Enables high-resolution progressive-scan modes for x-box, G.cube, latest PSX2 models and HDTV
  • Horizontal image centering and brightness adjustable
  • Crystal clear display
  • Compatible with all NTSC and PAL progressive formats with auto-mode detection
  • World's smallest adapter on the market
  • Universal Power Supply (100V - 240V) included, works worldwide


  • The Component VGA box offers the ultimate picture quality on your VGA monitor or VGA projector. The first adapter to truly support progressive scan modes such as 480p, 540p, 576p (50Hz) and 720p it is the perfect accessory for high-resolution playback of DVD, HDTV, x-box, G.cube and latest PSX2 models.
  • Please Note that this VGA box is only compatible with signals that support progressive-scan modes. Please check the manual for the device you are connecting to ensure it supports progressive-scan.
  • Compatible with all progressive DVD players.
  • Compatible with all Component Video, HDTV set top boxes.
  • Horizontal image centering adjustment.
  • Crystal clear display.
  • Compatible with all NTSC and PAL interlaced and
    progressive formats in auto mode.
  • Drives cable up to 50 feet.
  • Cost effective.

Video Inputs:

  • One Component Video(YPrPb) input.
  • Three RCA color-coded jacks.
  • 1 V p-p @ 75 OHm terminated.
  • Composite Sync on Y.

Accepted Scanning:

  • Manual Mode:
    60 Hz refresh:480p,1080i/540p,720p.
  • AUTO Mode:
    50 Hz or 60 Hz refresh:480i,576i,480P,576P,1080i/540p,720p.

Input and Outputs same scanning format.

  • Color Space conversion.
  • HDTV Colorimetry Matrix.


  • -3 Db at 110 MHz.

Output Sync:

  • Positive H&V, TTL.
  • Negative H&V,TTL.
  • H Drive or Composite sync on H.


  • Horizontal centering/brightness.
  • One small flat screwdriver driven potentiometer.

Video Outputs:

  • Two independent RGBHV outputs (DB15 output
    ports) R, G and B:
  • 0.7 V p-p,75 OHm terminated at source.
  • Sync on G and H&V.



This is not an official XBOX or Microsoft product.

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